And the UK jumps onto the bandwagon of intervention in Mali.



As expected, the UK was not far behind getting involved in this Afghanistan-like drama. History seems to be repeating itself, the BBC article read

“The UK had already said it would contribute to the training mission and has now promised to deploy about 350 British military personnel to Mali and West Africa in a supporting role for French forces.”

this sounds very similar to when the UK deployed troops to Afghanistan to ‘contribute in the training mission’ and ‘offer a supporting role’ to American troops. I know i’ve mentioned this in my previous post, but as the events unfold and the story develops the parallels drawn become more and more evident. 

Have they learnt nothing? There are still problems closer to home that deserve the attention of the Government; unemployment being one, and also the continuing economic problems this country is facing. We may have supposedly come out of the recession alive, but these problems will continue to play a part in pulling the UK down. Unnecessary interventions in countries on a different continent is not where the people want their tax payers money to go. They may help build propaganda of a united front against ‘terrorism’ for the government, which is what the UK wants out of all of this isn’t it? 


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